Earth Day Celebrations – Practical, Spiritual and Mindful

Earth DayEarth Day began in 1970 in response to growing concerns for our natural environment. When you think about it, it was also the time where cookbooks were filled with recipes that included using many processed foods as shortcuts to getting dinner on the table. We were substituting convenience for sustainability.

As the movement grew so did the many ways people were inspired to act on their belief that we need to stop and celebrate the Earth while also committing to certain actions that would allow the earth to heal from the misuses and become a sustainable living room for all living beings.

Earth Day is not just a party to celebrate. Actions are happening across the globe as seen in this graphic from . eventsOn South Whidbey, we celebrate Whidbey Island Earth Day which will include a Festival at Bayview Corner. Lots of fun and educational activities for all ages. The annual community Peace Sign photo will be taken at noon. As you can see from the website header below, there is a way to celebrate Earth Day no matter your age, abilities or belief system.

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A Blessing of the Good Cheer Garden – Saturday, April 23rd at 1pm

Faith communities are often the gathering place for many who would like to combine their own faith with action that has a spiritual and tangible impact on our land and spirits. On South Whidbey there are seven faith communities who formed the group Greening Congregations Collaborative of Whidbey Island. This group was instrumental in passing legislation on reducing toxic chemicals on children’s clothing. These tangible results come not just from faith but from actions.

On Saturday, April 23rd, Good Cheer Food Bank will welcome the folks who belong to these faith communities as they walk together from the Earth Day celebration at Bayview Corner to the Good Cheer Garden to bless the land and the people who grow the food for our community in need.

We all have our ways to till the soil, some with metal and some with our prayers. What we all have in common is a goal to better the lives of all who walk this earth. We all want to better our own life here on earth through healthier practices in our daily lives.

Before the pilgrimage to Good Cheer from Bayview Corner, there is a nine day reflection on Gratitude for the Creation we call Earth.

prayerClick on this link (Booklet Download) if you would like  a copy of the booklet published by the Greening Congregations Collaborative of Whidbey Island.

Thank you to Langley United Methodist Church, St. Augustine-in-the-Woods Episcopal Church, St. Hubert Catholic Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Whidbey Island, Unity of Whidbey, and Island Friends/The Religious Society of Quakers for all you do in faith and action for the Good Cheer Food Bank and Community.

Hope to see you all at the Good Cheer Garden, Saturday, April 23rd a little after 1pm. The procession will begin at Bayview Corner and end in the Good Cheer Garden in front of the Good Cheer Food Bank.