It is that time again. You can enjoy as many delicious bowls of soup as you can consume between 4- 6pm on October 25th at Langley United Methodist Church.

The event will help Good Cheer Food Bank provide nutritious options to our Food Bank Families throughout the winter months.

The bowls will be filled with soup made by local chefs including soups from Prima Bistro, The Braeburn, Useless Bay Coffee and Neil’s Cloverpatch with more to come.

The bowls have been thrown by local artisans at the Paint Escape in Freeland over the last year. They have been fired and decorated in such a lovely fashion that you will want to take them home with you and you  get to keep the one you choose.

The soup will be accompanied by bagels from Whidbey Bagel Company. They will bake bagels that highlight the many flavors of our soups.

This year, we are adding a dessert dash to cap off the evening. JW Desserts, now also Whidbey Bagel Company, donated a signature cheesecake to start us off. We are looking for bakers who are willing to make a dessert that serves at least eight. Contact Shawn Nowlin at shawn@goodcheer.org if you would like to donate a dessert. We will need it by Sunday afternoon.

BowlsYes, you can take home a bowl that you have test eaten out of for $20 or just a mug for $5. A fun community meal that is affordable for the whole family!

Tickets will be available at all Good Cheer Locations. For any other questions: Shawn Nowlin, shawn@goodcheer.org