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Gleeful Gleaners Logo

What is gleaning?

To gather, little by little
To collect what is left after the harvest

Gleaners roam the island, collecting fruit
and produce that would otherwise go to waste


What We Do

The Good Cheer gleaners bridge the gap between ‘too much’ and ‘not enough’, connecting community members with extra fruit to those in need. Gleaned fruit is brought to the Good Cheer Food Bank to be added to the produce section, or shared with community partners. Donations help us offer fresh, organic fruit to people with limited access to healthy food.

How to get involved

Donate A Tree!
Too much fruit? Difficulty picking it all yourself? We can help! You can sign up to donate tree fruit here. We don’t have to take it all – you are welcome to keep up to 25% of what we pick.

Be A Gleaner!
Join the crew of gleeful gleaners – have fun, pick fruit, support your community. There are jobs for everyone – young and old – don’t be shy! Learn more about volunteering here