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Help harvest: Have fun while doing good!

The Gleeful Gleaners are always looking for summer and fall volunteers to help harvest, transport, and process fruits. Sign up here!

Don’t want to climb a ladder, but still want to help? We have plenty of volunteer jobs that don’t involve climbing: scouting trees, transporting fruit or bagging fallen fruit. 

Do you have fruit-picking equipment to lend or donate? See our wishlist here

Are you a tree expert? If you can you identify fruit varieties, or have knowledge about tree care or pruning, our volunteers would love mentors with orcharding knowledge to share!

Do you have a tree with too much fruit? If you have fruit to share, check out our donation guidelines here, or sign up to have us harvest your tree!

Volunteers share in the harvest! While most of the fruit will be donated to the Good Cheer Food Bank, tree owners and harvesters will share in the bounty.

Questions? contact gleefulgleaners@goodcheer.org

Harvest Leaders and Scouts – you can fill out harvest reports and scouting checklists here