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Good Cheer Members

Did you know that you might be a voting member of Good Cheer?

According to the bylaws of South Whidbey Good Cheer, Inc.

Article 3. Membership

3.1          Classes of Membership. The organization shall have one class of members.

3.2          Qualifications for Membership. Membership shall be on an annual basis. The membership year shall be from annual meeting to the next annual meeting. Each individual who during a membership year contributes at least $100, is a volunteer and has worked at least 50 hours or is a paid employee shall be a member for that year.

The list below indicates all community members that are eligible to vote at the annual meeting. If you think you should be on this list but are not, please email carol@goodcheer.org or call 221-0130.

All who have volunteered at Good Cheer in 2017 or are current members are invited to the Appreciation Banquet. Please RSVP because space is limited.

Click Here to RSVP  by January 29th if you would like to attend the

Annual Appreciation Banquet (and annual meeting)

When: Sunday, February 11th 4pm – 6pm

Where: South Whidbey Assembly of God 5373 Maxwelton Road 

(Across from the SW Elementary School)

The list below indicates all who are voting members to elect this year’s Board of Directors,

David Earp and Louise Abbott
James Abercrombie
Douglas and Shelly Ackerman
Cameron Ackley
M.G. and Mabel Alexander
Frank & Susan Amato
Rob and Kate Anderson
Marilyn DM & Rick W Anderson
Richard Andrews and Colleen Chartier
Michael Ankeny
Carol Ann
Michael and Debra Antetomaso
Shannon Arndt
Lindsey Arndt
John and Merritt Atwood
Patrick A Johnson & Elizabeth J Axford
Colleen Aylward
Larry Harris and Betty Azar
Stacy Baehman
Melissa and Keith Balavage
John Ball
Annette Barca
Susan Barnett
John and Sandra Barney
Devin and Catherine Barrett
Devin and Catherine Barrett
Dennis A & Deborah C Batey
Corrine Bayley and Laurie Julian
Emmy Beagle
Mariah Beard
Mark and Chantelle Beason
Michelle A & Donald R Beers
Joe Beck
Robin Bell
Bill and Melinda Benjamin
Dave and Barbara Bennett
Sara Benum
Sally Berry
Christine Betz Hall
Kattee Bierce
Judy Bierman
Mark and Susan Bigger
Mildred Billig
Audrey B & Hunter M Black
Bruce Blakeslee
Jaime Bloomquist
Norman and Danielle Bodine
Richard Bohrer
Rebecca Bolen
Hart Boyd
Margaret and Stehen Boyle
Patricia Braddy
Margaret and Jack Brandt
David Bravender
Jan and Lorrie Bredal
Ruth Brinton
Leogene Brown
Robert Brown and Ruth Washton-Brown
Edward Buchanan and Debbi Gauthier
J Burke
Carolyn B & James E Burningham
Deborah Buse
Lisa & John Butters
Ruth (Tommie) Byers and Laura Tozzo
Thomas and Sally Cahill
Debra Calkins
Capt. Richard Campbell
Sara Campbell
James and Karen Carbone
Jay and Peggy Carey
Gregory Carpenter
Harold and Julie Carpenter
Marge Carter
Tim Morley and Victoria Castle
John and Jaryl Cave
Matt and Barbara Chambers
Sarah and Rob Chappelle
Barbara Chase
Dean Chase
Donna Christensen
St. Huberts Church
Charles Clark
Jeff Clark
Penny and Terry Clayton
Rebecca Cleary and Stacey Bakula
Susanne Cocklin-Mills
Capron Coe
Karen Colbert
Kris Collins
Ruth W Cook
Lorna Copple
David and Wendy Cordova
Penelope “Penny” Cotten
Carrell and Roger Cowell
James P Cowperthwaite
Steven and Jennifer Cox
John Crane
Michael Cummings
Racheal Dalton
Suzannah Dalzell
Elaine & Andrew Damerau
Ivor Hughes & Jan Dargel
Scott Davidson
Marcia R Davidson
Sheila Davies
Cecilia P Davila
April Davis
David and Donna Davis
Mary Davis
Virginia Davis
Anita deGive
Diane and Richard Delmonte
Lorraine Denninghoff
Bertram C & Shannon Y Denton
Richard and Chris Deposit
Terri Desrosiers
Diane Dicke
Harry Dickinson
Robert & Diane Diens
Frank Worster and Deborah Dix
David Doorn
Anthony O. and Donna G. Doty
 Chris Dowdell
Wendell and Anne Duffield
Robert and Jennie Duffy
Terrance Dunder
Clancy and Marcia Dunigan
Ellen Edwards
Carla Grau-Egerton and Dennis Egerton
Christine Einwalter
Charles Snelling and Sharon Emerson
Deb Endres
Candace & Loren Engrav
Robin England
Jill and Kevin Engstrom
Nikki Lee Enters
Linda Falkin
Terry Farnworth
Jean Favini
Louise Fiori
Allen and Christine Fitz
Wendy Fjelsted
Wayne and Lynn Flaaten
Chuck Flannery-Jones
Rebecca Foote and Timothy Economu
Melissa Firor
Harry and Kathryn Foster
Larry Fox
Liz Francis
Martin & Donna Frederick
Robert French and Bernita Sanstad
Arnold Fukumot
Susan Gunderson and Michael Fricke
The Gabelein Family
The Galbreath Family
M. Caroline Gardner
Jan Garretson
Carol Gatewood
Edward Buchanan and Debbi Gauthier
Robert B. and Carol D. Gentz
Jean Gervais
Robert and Lianna Gilman
Duane Gimbel
Kelly Turner-Gibson
Richard Davis and Zia Gipson
Myrna Gladheart and George Heleker
Michael and Velma Gladwell
Barbara and Richard Gohlke
Paul Goldfinger
Paul and Sherryl Goldfinger
Andrea J Larson & Robert W Gomulkiewicz
Paula Good
Cheryl Goodrich
Kurt Hoelting and Sally Goodwin
Christina Louise Grant
Camille Green
Robert and Mary Green
Laura Griest
Diane A Groeschell
Janice and Peter Gross
Thomas J Sante & Allison C Gubata
Beth Guenther
Daniel Gulden and Joan Mudget
Michael Gwynn
Richard A & Sarah V Hagberg
William Haggerty and Julie Schott
Daniel Halderman
Thomas Hall
Sarah Halsey
Ray Haman
John and Camdyn Hamilton
Robb Hamilton
Debra K Hankins
Timothy & Judith Hanson
Rachel Harju
Christian T Harrett
Larry Harris and Betty Azar
Thomas Harris and Dana Harria
Camille K Hartley
Jim and Lou Hartley
Kelly Hatley
Meradene Haskins
Susan and Christopher Haskins
John Hastings and Robin Obata
Marchele and Jon Hatchner
Cori A Hawes
Anne Hayden
John and Linda Hayward
Sharen Heath
Elizabeth Hebert
Rick and Tracy Hedrick
Jim and Deborah Heg
Susan and Dean Heino
Sandy and Linda Heintz
Connie and Dennis Heller
Donald and Linda Henderson
William and Sally Hicks
Carol Hanson and William Hight
Pat Hill
Brian Hodol
Marilyn Holle
Lori Hoots
Gretchen House
Judith Howard
SL & GE Hubbard
Orville Hunter
James and Katie Iddins
Paula and Terry Isomura
Sandy and Don Izett
Sammie Jallali
Kelly A & Linda B Jamieson
Marian and Gary Jezek
Dave Jodrey
Beth Johnson
Jerry and Peggy Johnson
Candace Jordan
John Joynt
Matt Kabler
Janet Karamanyan
Zaven Karamanyen
Terry and Loretta Katzakian
R. W. and Rita Keating
Cheryl Keefe
Brian and Jill Keeler
Eugene Kegley and Mary Posz
Laura Kellogg
M. Douglas and Dana H. Kelly
Lorraine Kelly
Betty J. Kendall
Diane Kendy
Nancy Kennedy
Gary and Elizabeth Ketcheson
Liz Kilmer
Gail King
Clay Kichli
Lois Klaparek
Tamara Knapp
Timothy Childs and Martha Knowlton
Karen Korbelik
Bruce and Martha Kortebein
Estelle Kramer
Kim and Kenneth Kramer
Karen and Jack Krug
Dorothy Kulwin
Kent and Michelle Lambert
Margaret and Michael Land
Lacey D & David L Lantz
Sandra and William Lasley
John Lawson
Verna Lawson
Patricia Leahy and Sandra Hubert
Henry Lebo
John Lee
Betty Lehman
Jon Pedersen and Wanda Lehman
Suzanne Leisher
Ula and Ron Lewis
John and Mary Lile
Robert and Linda Linden
Kelly and Diana Lindsay
Virginia Lindsey
Will Lint
Gail Lischeid
Lisa Ying & Michael J Livingstone
Robert and Kathie Lloyd
Scott Locke
Erin Lockman
Faye Lovvorn
Chuck and Cheryl Lowe
Elaine Ludtke
Sandi Lusk
Erica Lutz
Thomas Lynch
Sarah N MacDougall
Sarah Mackaman
Matthew and Majorie Maclean
Crispin T. Roberts and Molly Macleod-Roberts
Paul and Naomi Magnusson
Sarah Mahlik
Mary Makenna
Michael and Lynne Malecki
Louis and Emyle Malzone
Thomas Marek
Wendy Marlowe, PH.D.
Sara Martin
Steven and Shelley Martin
Gregory T & Theresa Martinez
Catherine Martyn
Roy Mason
Mary K Matthew-Enter
Jennifer Maurice
Dan and Kathleen Maxwell
Maureen Maxwell
Barbara Mayer
Kathy McCabe
Louise McConnell
Marcia McCracken
Tom Mccullough
Sharon McDaniel
Lanny McGrew
Travis and Anita McGuire
Samantha McMains-Glover
Mary McMurtry
Larry Kwarsick and Carol McNeil
Margaret McVey
David and Susan Melman
Andrew “Steve” Melusky
nic Metcalf
Lawrence H Metz
Celia Michael and Fred Herzon
Richard and Alice Middaugh
Todd Midkiff
Dean and Cathy Miller
Debbie Miller
Joann and James Miller
Brian and Tracy Miller
Dennis Redmond and Vicki Jean Mills
Michael K Moch
Shellie R. Moore
Thomas Moore, Jr and Susan Moore
 Judy Morgenweck
Aljean and Dean Muncey
Thomas and Miriam Nack
Vincent and Tyla Nattress
W.R. and Sooja Nehrlich
Buell & Margaret Storer Neidlinger
Joan Nelson
Robert Nelson and Valerie Howell
Paul and Gloria Nemechek
Lawrence A. Neubauer and Nancy J. Neubauer M.D.
Ray and Julie Newnam
Penelope “Polly” Primm & Larry S Nichols
Kathleen D Noble
Lynn Hays and Nancy Nordhoff
Ron Norris
Shawn Nowlin
Margaret Kirkpatrick and Timothy O’Brien
William and Charlene O’Donnell
Dean Olmstead
Bob and Carol Olson
Eric Olsson
Alexander Oneal
Eric and Kathleen Ottum
Earl and Barbara Overstreet
Gordon and Kathy Owens
Gordon and Kathy Owens
Yvonne Palka
Sue Palmason
David Palmer
Christina Parker
Vicki Parsons
Cynthia and James Patereau
Michael R and Carol A. Patrick
Mike Patrick
Joan and Gregory Patton
David Paull
Hope Payne
Sarah Peeples
Eugene Pepper
Joseph and Debra Perez
Nora Perez
Ross Peterson
Anna Petersons
Kristin Phelps
Gail Pierce
Evelyn and Alfred Pike
Dr. Frank and Janet Ploof
Darrell and Susan Posch
David and Mary Powers
David and Holly Price
Laura Price
Sarah Dial Primrose
Kirk Prindle M.D and Judith Prindle
Gregory P & Michelle A Proulx
Angelle and Joe Pruitt
Kelly Pinkley
Randy and Kathy Pulley
Cara Race
Michael and Patty Radvick
Jim Ramler
Angela Rapp
Joann and Steven Raymond
Robert Erikson and Mary Reddy
Laura Reed
Carl T & Jeraldine H Rice
Janet Richards
Mary Richardson
Reliance Ricketts
Linda and Gregg Ridder
Daniel & Kathryn Rider
Carole Riggin
Donna and John Riley
Kathryn Roberts
Conrad Romberg
Gregory B & Catherine Rooks
Lenna and David Rose
Thomas Rowland
Gwen Goodbee & William C Ruth II
Jay and Carol Ryan
Chris & Beth Salomone
Kevin & Susan Sandri
Teri An Sanstad and Gordon P. Sanstad, JR.
Tony and Julie Santorsola
Ellen Sargent
Barbara Schaetti
Robert Scherner
Mark Schlieps and Christian D Irmer
Donna Schmidt
Kelly Schmidt
Salli Schonning
Alice W & Randall W Schroder
Mary Beth Schoeler
Barb and Mark Schultz
Robert and Catherine Scott
Kelly and Chris Scotthanson
Megan Scudder
Cynthia Seaberg
Hal and Marilee Seligson
Philip Semas
Bonaventure Senior Living
Bonnie Sheeran
Cynthia Shelton
John and Coyla Shepard
Paul and Marcy Shimada
John C. Shinneman
David and Molly Shoup
Susan Sibbald
Harro and Sandra Siebert
Patty and Bill Sievers
Christian Sievers
Joseph and Laine Simon
Gaye and Mark Simpson
Marsha Singher
Yvonne Silva
Janyne Slabaugh
CL & JD Slade
Kim Penderson & David Smith
Lynn Smith
Monica and Mark Smith
Michael and Sheila Smith
Donald and Lilyan Snow
Tammy Snow
Allan and Sheila Sokolosky
Joanna Spagnoli
Louise Sportelli
JaNoah Spratt
Carol Squire
Katherine Stallman
Kay and Richard Stanley
Michael and Mary Jo Stansbury
Arlene and Bill Stebbins
Patricia and Anthony E Stein
Kathryn Stevens
Kathryn Stockholm
Dave Stoetzel
Patty Stordahl
Bill Stolcis and Constance Shields
Scott Stark
Michael and Debbie Stone
Brian A & Nicole E Strelow
Sally A & Jan A Strelow
Carla Stroh
Phyllis A Stroud
Peter A & Julie A Stumpf
Deb Suggs
Jack and Ruth Sumey
Brian Lowey and Wendy Sundquist
Larry and Kathryn Swenson
Larry and Kathryn Swenson
Hayden and Heather Swofford
Janice Tabbal
Geoff Tapert
Dee Tarr
Margaret Taylor and Richard Ingrasci
Norma Taylor
Anne & Robert Tearse
James & Debra Tennison
Georgia Thompson
Ronald Thornquist
Judy Thoslund
Cynthia Tilkin
Barbara Toelkes
Gail Thomas
George and Janet Ruth Traver
Douglas D & Deborah L Troxel
Jim Troxel
Rita Tulloch
Vivian VanDeen Smith
Patrick Vandyke
Demetri and Donna Vasiliades
Irene S Vernon
JL & Yana Viniko
Mark Visconti
Eleanor Wagner and Frank Young
Michael and Wendy Waitt
Irene Walker
Ron Ward and Giuliana Ward-Cioli
Gayle Watkins
William and Diane Watts
Gary and Joyce Way
Daniel W & Deborah L Wayland
Laura Weeks
Randall Weers
John and Ellen Welsch
Gary and Diane West
Moira M & Douglas Whidby
Jadan White
Lydia White
Nathan White
Teagan White
Elizabeth and Ronald Whitman
Bertha J Ovesen & Linda C Willey
H Lee Williamson
Lynn Willis
Mary Willis
Susan E. Raley and Dennis J. Willson
Clyde & Kathleen Wilson
Thomas Wilson
Wayne Wilson
Evie Wilson-Lingbloom and Paul Lingbloom
Tina Windeler
Sarah Winder
Dr. Michael and Judi Witt
Lea Wooton
Peter and Sallyann Wolff
Dean R Workman
John Worthington
Larry and Karen Sue Wright
Richard Zalewski
Marcia Zech
Anne M Zeck
John W & Nancy A Zevenbergen, Jr.
Anne and Don Zontine