veterans-chair-1-wWhen you go about your daily life, raising a family or just enjoying your daily routine, there are several veterans walking along the roadway on their way to a cup of soup at the Good Cheer Food Bank. You have all seen them. They look a little worn and weary. Many are suffering from PTSD and addiction issues so they seem a little dangerous. You are at a loss as to how to help because these men and women seem unapproachable.

We see these folks at Good Cheer Food Bank every day. When they make the choice to come into the Food Bank for food and some warm soup, we don’t just nourish their body, we nourish their spirit. We approach them for you in a way that can help get them connected to other services where they can receive the care we have promised them as a nation. Good Cheer Food Bank is often your bridge to helping the men and women who have fallen and need help getting back on their feet.

We have seen the positive outcomes of assisting veterans here on South Whidbey. Good Cheer staff and volunteers have befriended and supported many veterans as they navigate their personal challenges. We have cheered them on as they access other resources such as the Veterans Resource Center and Opportunity Council for housing and emotional support groups. We have been there to celebrate graduations from drug court and all the growth that comes with these milestones like getting a job and pursuing a “normal” life again.

This Veterans Chair that was created and donated by Paul Firnstahl and Fred McCarthy. The chair personifies Paul and Fred’s continued commitment to supporting their fellow veterans in need. Fred and Paul are both Vietnam Veterans and have many friends who have suffered over the years.

Please consider bidding on this Veterans Chair. Every dollar you bid higher brings a veteran that much closer to enjoying the freedoms they fought so hard for each of us to enjoy. Consider every dollar you bid on this chair or donate directly to Good Cheer Food Bank as a way to honor their heroism. They do feel loved and respected when they come to Good Cheer. They know we would not be able to do it without your continued commitment to Good Cheer.


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