While The Clyde remains closed to help protect the public health, they are working with their wonderful partners to create a virtual Magic Change Jar.  We thank the Willefords for their generosity and pass this information along on yet another way to help. 

As the patrons of The Clyde know, there is a mason jar on the candy counter labeled “The Magic Change Jar.” Every two months a South Whidbey nonprofit receives the change that patrons put in that jar. What makes it Magic is that five partners match that change (up to $250) and one dollar donated magically becomes $6.

During the 10 weeks before The Clyde closed, the patrons donated a record $590 originally meant for Hearts and Hammers. With the agreement of H & H, the partners chose to send the resulting $1,840 to Good Cheer due to the dramatic need for food support for our neighbors.

In order to continue that support while The Clyde is closed, the five partners have decided to establish a “virtual” MCJ. Island Athletic Club, The Assembly of God Church, Kevin Lungren at Edward Jones Investments and Mary Jane Lundgren at Saratoga Dental, Richard Epstein Construction, and The Clyde Theatre will match, up to $250 each, every dollar that the citizens of South Whidbey donate.

Please send checks made out to Good Cheer to Magic Change Jar, POB 199 Langley WA, 98260. If you are young and think that checks are a quaint relic of the past, you may mail small amounts of cash to that address or put the cash in an envelope and slide it into the box office at The Clyde.

If any individuals or businesses want to “partner up” in this time of need, please contact Blake at 360-969-9509. We’ll be sure that you get recognized in our next update.