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Insights on Food Bank shopper households & needs

In May 2023, Good Cheer Food Bank conducted a detailed, anonymous survey to learn more about Food Bank shoppers’ households and needs. We received survey responses from 541 shoppers. Click here to view what we learned.

Seek Solutions, Not Blame for Spiraling Costs

Letter to the Editor published August 6, 2022 in the South Whidbey Record

Dear Editor,

Rumors are flying about Good Cheer’s decision not to renew the lease on our second thrift store space in Clinton. We are as sad as anyone about off-island interests making decisions that affect our community, but whether or not the owners decide to convert the space to storage units, it’s not fair to say that we are getting kicked out. We were offered what has been deemed a fair market value for retail space on Whidbey, but our thrift store revenues can’t support the rent increase.

Good Cheer is still negotiating the details of a short-term extension in the Clinton space to allow time to liquidate inventory and consider alternatives.

If you are upset about the upcoming closure of the Clinton Good Cheer Two store, we encourage you to direct thoughts and energy towards the larger systemic issues facing our society, locally and beyond.

Skyrocketing rental costs are a sign of the times, and not just at Ken’s Korner. There is much our community can and should do about the issue, but we believe that sowing anger and discontent is not what the world most needs at this time. Instead of blaming and pointing fingers, let us have meaningful conversations as a community about things such as land-use planning, the far-reaching impacts of wealth inequality, and the importance of supporting our locally-owned businesses.

Rental rates on Whidbey are spiraling to the point that small businesses and people of moderate incomes are being negatively impacted. For the most vulnerable among us who are already struggling, rising rent, food, and utility costs are crushing the ability to stay clothed, housed, and fed.

We stand in solidarity with everyone struggling to afford rent on Whidbey. And we gratefully acknowledge the privilege of having ownership of our Langley thrift store, where we can continue to generate income for the food bank, offer a source of affordable home goods, and help recycle items within the community – uninterrupted by changes in the rental market.

Good Cheer believes we are strongest when we work together to build the kind of community we want to live in. We ask our community to join us in keeping a spirit of good cheer in our hearts and efforts as we focus on positive solutions and a way forward together.

Lissa Firor, Karen Korbelik, Stephanie Turco
Good Cheer Executive Team